Why rely on a game of human telephone?

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Why fumble around with your smartphone?

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When AvR will do this.


Time is Critical.


AvR Alert System™

The solution you will want the moment you need it!

We’ve become way too reliant on smartphones – they simply do not measure up in the great outdoors in the cold and mountainous terrain.  That’s where the AvR Alert System™ slots in, providing a newfound sense of security for skiers and snowboarders.

The patented AvR Alert System™ will be the world’s first truly reliable emergency alert and risk management solution for ski resorts.  Harnessing leading and emerging technologies, this two-part system will provide huge benefits to ski resorts, ski patrol teams and foremost to skiers and snowboarders.  

With the AvR Alert System™, skiers and boarders will have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that if they need immediate assistance, they can count on every alert being sent and received, especially since unreliable cell technology is not involved. 



Your ALLY™ will be there when you need it most.

Designed specifically for skiers and snowboarders, AvR’s proprietary wearable safety device will be durable to withstand the frigid, wet, environmental conditions, optimizing reliability.

For the very first time, riders will be able to alert ski patrol instantly, reliably and accurately – manually, and in severe cases, automatically

(Emergency button represents AvR Ally™ wearable safety device)



Accurate and reliable data with blazing speed and efficiency.

Designed exclusively for ski patrol, AvR’s proprietary software application receives each incident alert and precise location on the mountain in real-time, plus offers an array of other invaluable operational features.



Solution For All

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Skiers & Snowboarders

Superfast Alerts

Precise GPS Location

Faster Help

Increased Safety

Greater Sense of Security

True Peace of Mind



Ski Patrol

Real-time Alerts

Precise GPS Location

Accurate Incident Info & Data

Optimized Efficiency

Reduced Stress

Increased Safety



Become Leader in Guest Safety

Boost Brand and Reputation

Attract More Guests


Help faster than ever before could save a life.




Contact us for a personalized look into the AvR Alert System™ and its benefits for your skiers, snowboarders, ski patrol operations and your ski resort.

Available to ski resort operations personnel only.